Terms and Conditions

Please remember that once you have placed your order with Totaltickets.com it cannot be changed or canceled.

These terms and conditions govern your use of this website and will support any policies associated with placing an order. It is your responsibility to read thoroughly before making any purchase on this site. Please note that all sales are final and there are no refunds, cancelations, or exchanges for any reason.

Ticket Prices and Seat Descriptions

Totaltickets.com is not affiliated with any box office, team, venue or any other ticketing agency. In most cases, our selling price will be higher than the printed price on the ticket. Since the tickets for purchase on Totaltickets.com are procured on the open market from secondary ticket sources, the sale price of the ticket reflects both the high market demand and the difficulty in obtaining these tickets. As a result, the ticket price listed may be substantially higher than the original face value price that is printed on the ticket. 


Though ticket prices constantly fluctuate on the open market based on demand, Totaltickets.com's prices are deemed final for you once your order is confirmed. Once your order has been confirmed, if the price of your tickets increases prior to the event, you will not be charged for the difference. Alternatively, if the price of your tickets decreases prior to the event, no refunds or upgrades will be given. If your order has not been confirmed, your order may be subject to cancelation. All prices are listed in U.S. dollars. Occasionally, ticket prices are listed incorrectly on the website. In these rare instances, if your order has not been confirmed, we may cancel your order and your card will not be charged. If your order has been confirmed, you will be refunded in full. In both of these scenarios you may receive an email or phone call advising you of your options or that your order has been canceled. 


Most ticket listings have descriptive notes associated with the events or tickets (e.g., if there a limited or obstructed view, if they are standing room only, whether or not they include club level access, if they include parking passes, or any other amenity). It is the buyer's responsibility to refer to these notes for any details associated with these tickets, the venue, or the event. If you are unsure about or do not understand any of our seat descriptions, please contact our office for more information. Totaltickets.com will not be responsible for or honor refunds, cancelations, or exchanges for assumed amenities not detailed in these notes.


The ticket buying process takes place on our secure server which encrypts entries on all orders. Information is not distributed to any other third parties. All information is safe and secure.

Inventory Orders

These tickets are generally in stock at the time of purchase. Since our online ordering function is not in "real time," occasionally tickets that were ordered may no longer be available. Placement of an order through our website does not guarantee your tickets. Your order will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Category Orders

Tickets for some events are not obtainable until closer to the date of the event. "Category Orders" or pre-orders involve tickets that are purchased in advance of that particular event and are not physically in stock yet. These orders are taken for general seating locations. All quantities are guaranteed in pairs unless otherwise noted. Tickets will be delivered as soon as we receive them. In some cases deliveries are not made until the week of the event and occasionally as late as the day of the event. There is no guarantee as to the date and time tickets will be delivered to you other than prior to the event. Please refer to individual event pages or give us a call for more information. Once an order has been confirmed, a confirmation will be sent via email. 


We accept all major credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. 


You are responsible for the correct entry of your name, billing address, credit card number, expiration date, and security codes at the time you place your order. Failure to provide accurate credit card information may result in delays in processing your order, or the availability of your tickets which, in some cases, may result in the cancelation of your order. 


Upon checkout, it is the buyer's responsibility to verify and validate the accuracy of their order to include: event date, venue, seat locations, quantity, credit card information, phone number, email address, billing address, and shipping address. After placing your order, you will receive a series of emails related to your order (Request, Confirmation, Shipping Confirmation). 


The buyer assumes all responsibility for receiving and reading all email correspondence in full, and complying with any specific instructions associated with the order. Totaltickets.com is not responsible for emails filtered to your spam or junk mail folders.


All orders are subject to ticket availability and are not confirmed or accepted until Totaltickets.com  has collected and accepted payment from the customer and issued an Order Confirmation email. Totaltickets.com reserves the right to cancel an order at any time if tickets are no longer available at the price advertised when the customer placed the order, the event is sold out, or the seats were mapped incorrectly. 


Tickets have value only for the specific seat at the specific event. Therefore, there are no refunds, exchanges, or cancelations on any order once it has been submitted for any reason. Please treat all tickets as you would treat cash.


If an event is canceled for any reason other than an act of nature (e.g. rained out, earthquake, flood, etc.), strikes, or lockout, and not rescheduled, Totaltickets.com will provide a full refund for the amount paid for the tickets plus processing fees. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Please call our office for detailed instructions on how to obtain a refund if you do not hear from Totaltickets.com first. Tickets for these events must be returned via an express mail service or other traceable method in order to obtain a refund. Please keep record of the return tracking number. This express mail service is at the customer's expense. 


If any event is canceled by the organizers of the event, Totaltickets.com is not obligated to refund incidental expenses that you may have incurred as a result of your plans to attend the event including, but not limited to, plane or transportation expenses, hotel reservations, or rental car costs. Totaltickets.com is not responsible for the actions of any event organizing body when an event is canceled. 


If an event is postponed or rescheduled, please retain your ticket. In most cases, the original purchased ticket will be honored for the new event date. New tickets will not need to be reissued for most rescheduled or postponed events. Refunds or exchanges will not be made for postponed or rescheduled events. It is your responsibility to verify information regarding rescheduled event dates and times prior to attending. Totaltickets.com is not responsible for incidental expenses related to a rescheduled event.


All times listed are local for the event. Event dates, times, and venue are printed on the face of the tickets and website, but are always subject to change. This information should be verified by the buyer prior to the event. It is important to consult your local media or the event’s official website to ensure that you arrive at the event on the correct date, time, and at the correct venue. Totaltickets.com is not responsible for notifying the purchaser of date, time, or venue changes.


It is very important to safeguard your tickets; handle them as you would cash. Lost or stolen tickets cannot be replaced. 


In the event that you were not able to gain admission to the event with the tickets we delivered, you must obtain documentation from the venue stating that the tickets were unusable in order for us to be able to process a refund.



Unless you have already made special arrangements with a phone representative regarding your order, all orders are shipped via FedEx. All deliveries require a signature and cannot be delivered to a post office box. We ask FedEx to require a signature to ensure that your tickets arrive safely and that their location can be tracked at any time. It is your responsibility to track the package and to be available to accept the package at the delivery location. You agree to provide us with a secure delivery location and authorize someone at that address to act as your agent in your absence to accept delivery of the package. If you provide a delivery location other than your credit card billing location, you hereby agree to be responsible for that delivery and the tickets once delivered to the address you specify. Totaltickets.com has fulfilled its contractual obligation when tickets are shipped to the address provided by the customer. Totaltickets.com is not responsible for any incorrect addresses provided by the customer for the package being returned to sender due to the client not being available to sign for the package at time of delivery. Totaltickets.com will keep packages returned by FedEx on hand for later re-delivery to the customer. Totaltickets.com is not responsible for any customer-caused delays in delivery after the order has been shipped. Your expected arrival date is based on the actual date we ship the order and the method of delivery selected with FedEx. If you have not received tickets within 2-3 days of the event, it is your responsibility to contact Totaltickets.com. 


The refusal of a package does not constitute a refusal of payment. You hereby agree that you are responsible for all ordered tickets where an attempt has been made to deliver them or make them available to you. 


We try to deliver tickets two weeks before the event. In some cases, tickets may be delivered the week of the event and, in rare cases, as late as the day of the event. 


We highly discourage rerouting a package while it is in transit with UPS. If a package needs to be redirected during shipment, the customer may be responsible for the $25.00 address correction fee charged by FedEx. Totaltickets.com is not responsible for delayed or missed deliveries incurred by a re-routed package. 


Upon receiving your package, open it immediately and verify the accuracy of its contents as it pertains to your event. If there are any discrepancies, you must call Totaltickets.com immediately.


Alternate Delivery

Occasionally, tickets will not be available to ship. In these instances, local pick up arrangements will be made and communicated to you via email or a phone call. A photo ID matching the pickup name provided is required for all local pickups. In some cases, a signature may also be required. 


Totaltickets.com is not responsible for any tickets a customer fails to pick up from the location specified. Please call our office immediately if tickets are not at a previously agreed upon or designated pick up location.



Totaltickets.com reserves the right to cancel an order and give a full refund at any time, for any reason whatsoever. 


Totaltickets.com reserves the right to request and obtain additional required documents from the customer in order to complete the order process. This includes, but is not limited to, credit card authorizations, signature releases, forms of payment or required deposits, transactional agreements, or various waivers or indemnifications. If any of the aforementioned documents are not returned within a specified time manner or is incomplete, the order is subject to cancelation and you will be refunded in full. 


Some venues and events enforce age restrictions (e.g., 21 and over). It is the buyer's responsibility to determine such restrictions prior to purchase. Totaltickets.com will not be liable for refusal of admittance based on this type of restriction. 


Totaltickets.com is not responsible for providing transportation or reimbursement of travel related expenses under any circumstances. Totaltickets.com is also not responsible for any delay causing you to arrive late or miss your event for any reason. 


Totaltickets.com is not responsible for the conditions or the actions of the crowd at any event nor is Totaltickets.com responsible for any changes made at the venue including, but not limited to, seating arrangements, stage set-up, or venue conditions. 


The tickets that you purchase from us are valid. If someone is sitting in your seat when you arrive, it is your responsibility to ask them to move or ask for the assistance of an usher. 


Postponement or cancelation of events due to weather conditions are beyond the control of Totaltickets.com. No refund for unused services, or allowance for the loss of enjoyment caused by weather conditions will be made by Totaltickets.com. Customers assume all weather risks as there will be no refunds for rainouts or other weather conditions, acts of nature, or other events that disrupt play. All events purchased through Totaltickets.com should be considered as "rain or shine" final purchases. 


Totaltickets.com may modify these terms and conditions at any time, and your use of this website will be conditioned upon the terms and conditions in force at the time of your use. 



Submitting an order online or by phone indicates your agreement to these terms and conditions.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted